EC-A9 Chocolate Windows stick/ mini PC

A9 Chocolate Windows stick/ mini PC

Introducing the A9 Chocolate Windows stick

Transform your HDMI-ready TV or monitor into a fully functional PC.

Tiny. Yet surprisingly powerful

A9 Chocolate Windows stick dimentions
A9 Chocolate Windows stick ports

Solid. Reliable. Built to perform

While A9 Windows stick is small, it's what's inside that makes the difference.

  • IntelĀ® Apollo Lake N3450
  • Quad Core
  • Intel® HD Graphics 500
  • SDRAM up to 1867MHz
  • eMMC 32GB/ 63GB
  • Bluetooth 4.0
Intel Apollo lake N3450

Small stick. Maxim power

The A9 Windows stick is able to transform any HDMI display into a full computer so you can work, learn or entertain just about anywhere you go.

Just plug it into a HDMI monitor or TV, connect a wireless keyboard and mouse and get productive when, where and how you want.